All of the Max for Live devices described below can be downloaded at my profile. Enjoy!
Speaker Song
An instrument that allows speakers to "sing" in their native tongue. It uses randomness to generate constantly varying piceous (forgive me), rhythmic and timbral content. The best way to understand how it works is to turn it on and start twisting some knobs!
Download Speaker Song at
Like reverb (or maybe more like delay), but a synth!
Download SynthVerb at
A two-channel delay with randomized modulation, that takes advantage of what must be built-in interpolation within the delay~ object (?). Like a rickety old see-saw.
Download See-Saw at
Trill Delay
A continuously variable stereo delay with vibrato ranging from tame warbles to space bebop re-melodicizations.
Download Trill Delay at
Intonation Drone
A simple drone for equal temperament tuning purposes.
Download Intonation Drone at
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